luxury bamboo toilet paper delivery

Subscription Program

There was a time when 'subscriptions' only applied to magazines, newspapers, and record clubs (RIP, Columbia House).  Nowadays however, all types of businesses are offering subscriptions.  So when the idea of producing a bamboo fiber toilet paper was born, it was a no-brainer.  Why not sell toilet paper by subscription too?

Luxury toilet paper may not be the most riveting subscription box around, but it certainly does make sense. No more running out of toilet paper at inconvenient times.  No more cumbersome and clumsy packages to lug into the house with groceries.  No more worrying about it at all.  With a few clicks online, you can receive BAMBOOLOO delivered to your door whenever you choose!

But convenience is just one of the benefits you’ll receive when you sign up for a subscription.  With every tree-and-plastic-free BAMBOOLOO purchase, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that the one small change you’ve made will help make a world of difference.  You can feel content knowing that together, we will make our Earth a better, cleaner world for generations to come.  

It’s easy enough to sign up for a subscription. You choose the BAMBOOLOO quantity you want, pick the appropriate delivery intervals, check out and you’re done!  You can adjust the delivery frequency at any time, and there’s never any obligation.  You’re free to pause your subscription, skip a delivery, or cancel at any time.  

But now the big question:  How much toilet paper will you need?  Although there's no magic formula to determine how much toilet tissue you or your family will actually use, we have provided some general guidelines below based upon average usage in the United States.  We recommend that you choose the largest quantity you can accommodate with storage space.  Doing so means fewer home deliveries (which is clearly better for the Earth), and it can save you money too!  Remember that you can always adjust your replenishment schedule to suit your changing needs.  



Household Number Frequency in Weeks
1 18
2 9
3 6
4 4
5-6 3
7 2


 Household Number Frequency in Weeks
1 48
2 24
3 16
4 12
5 9
6 8
7 7
8 6