Do I have to sign up for a subscription, or can I make a one-time purchase?

Of course you can make a one-time purchase, but we hope you're going to love BAMBOOLOO so much that you'll want to continue receiving it. You can also save money when you sign up for a subscription

Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

Yes, you can always change the frequency of your subscription by logging into your account and updating the delivery schedule.

Can I cancel my subscription?

While we’ll be sad to see you go, you can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and making that change online.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, but at this time we only ship within the 48 contiguous US states.

Can I find BAMBOOLOO in a supermarket or other store?

Currently, the only way to get it is to order it here at BAMBOOLOO.life.

Why use bamboo?

There are over 1,500 species of bamboo around the world.  It is plentiful and can grow well in different climates.  It does not require fertilization and has a wide, strong root system which helps to limit soil erosion. Bamboo is not a tree--it is actually a plant.  In fact, it is the fastest growing plant on the planet with reports of bamboo sprouting several feet in a single day!  Unlike trees that often take 30-100 years to reach maturity, bamboo plants can be harvested within three to five years and don’t require replanting--making it highly sustainable.  Bamboo is also better for the air we breathe.  A bamboo plant produces approximately 30-35% more oxygen than other plants and trees, and it also absorbs more CO2. Bamboo is stronger than steel, and its fibers can be used in many applications, including construction, medicine and the paper industry!  While bamboo fibers are incredibly strong, they can produce a very soft and silky tissue.

How many sheets are in a roll?

There are 200 three-ply sheets in each roll.

How does BAMBOOLOO compare to other bath tissues?

Many other so-called “eco-friendly” bath tissues are made from recycled materials, often making them rough, uncomfortable and sometimes even unhealthy since they may contain BPA.  BAMBOOLOO is soft, silky, strong and highly sustainable.  It also contains no BPA, toxic chemicals or chlorine bleaches.

How many rolls are in a box?

Our standard subscription carton contains 36 rolls.  We also offer cases of 96 rolls for larger families, businesses, or people who simply like to keep a lot of toilet paper on hand.

How long will it last?

Only you will know the answer to that question--but we can certainly help you estimate with our subscription guide.

What is the roll wrapped in?

We are very proud that our product is NOT wrapped in plastic. We wrap our rolls in a recyclable paper--so please reuse or recycle it whenever possible.  We are currently working to procure even more eco-friendly packaging, so stay tuned.

Where is your product made?  Why?

BAMBOOLOO is currently manufactured in Asia where bamboo is abundant.   Its utilization began there 4,000-5,000 years ago, but modern usage of the plant began to rise in the 1980s.  With an existing infrastructure, decades of experience and advancements in technology, China is currently the most well-equipped area to process bamboo within the pulp and paper industry. It is our lofty goal to eventually bring production home to the USA. However, there are a number of challenges to overcome in order to do so.

How do you whiten the paper?

Our paper is whitened using hydrogen peroxide--a process which uses less water and does not release toxic chemicals into the environment.

What is the environmental impact of delivering your product to my door?

There is much debate surrounding the environmental impact of online shopping versus purchasing items from a traditional brick-and-mortar store.   While many would argue that at-home delivery actually results in lower carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, we aren’t satisfied to simply accept that answer and tout it here.  As forward-thinking leaders, we are striving to become a carbon neutral corporation and set the example for others to follow.  We are working with a notable organization on special projects  ... to offset the carbon footprint from shipments of our rolls to customers like you. 

How much is shipping?

Purchases totaling $35 or more ship for FREE using FedEx Ground/Home Delivery services.  Purchases under $35 will be charged a small fee to cover the costs of shipping and handling.  

How long will it take to get my shipment?

Our products are shipped by FedEx Ground/Home Delivery so depending upon your zone, you should receive your purchase within 1-4 days.  If you want BAMBOOLOO sooner, you can select overnight shipping for an additional cost.

What if my delivery or billing information changes?

You can always log into your account and update your information as needed.  

Can I purchase wholesale?

Feel free to call us or send us an email outlining your specific needs or requests.  You may also use our online contact form.

If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us.