Business Orders

Businesses, both large and small, recognize our Earth's finite resources.  They also recognize that now, perhaps more than ever before, consumers have choices.  Consumers are increasingly looking for the companies they buy products from to make responsible decisions affecting the environment.  

Top corporate leaders know that implementing good environmental practices is good for business. In fact, a recent Harvard University study demonstrates that businesses which voluntarily adopt an active sustainability plan consistently outperform those which do not.  Likewise, another study conducted by the non-profit Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) illustrates that S&P 500 companies which build sustainability into their core strategies outperform those that fail to demonstrate leadership in this area. It seems clear that going green and implementing sustainability measures can impact a company's bottom line.  

If your business has made a commitment to environmental sustainability or would like to do so, we can help. In addition to bulk pricing on our toilet tissue, we may be able to provide you with eco-friendly alternatives to commonly used office and food service items. Please contact us today to discuss how small changes in your business practices can make a world of difference.