About us

Lara Amoroso, CEO of BAMBOOLOO

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Lara.

As a busy, single, working mom I was concerned about environmental issues. However, like most people I had never really taken the time to consider the negative impact of some of my buying choices when shopping for things like clothes, food, or provisions.  

Then one day I read that, worldwide, 27,000 trees are destroyed each day to make toilet tissue. I was both shocked and angry, and maybe a little sad...

The days passed by but, for some reason, I just couldn’t forget that statistic. It really bothered me that, as a global community, we’re wasting so many trees for such a mundane purpose. Now I should say at this point that I don’t consider myself as some kind of eco-warrior. But over time I became inspired to find a sustainable alternative for use in my home. Surely, with all the advances in manufacturing, technology and so on, there was an affordable alternative that was just as good as traditional toilet paper, but wasn’t so wasteful of our natural resources?

I started looking into what options were around. After a brief amount of research, I found out that bamboo fibers can be manufactured in a way that produces strong and silky tissue paper - a real alternative to the destructive wood-pulp based tissue that we all know.

Not only that, but since bamboo is a plant and not a tree it is highly sustainable and readily renewable - often growing over a foot in a single day!  It was then that what began as a personal search for a household alternative evolved into a quest to supply people all  across America with a soft, silky toilet tissue made from a renewable and sustainable resource.

BAMBOOLOO was born with the belief and expectation that, however small, thoughtful and deliberate actions by individuals can and do contribute to large-scale changes that affect the health and sustainability of our planet.

I invite you to give us a try. Order a pack of BAMBOOLOO toilet tissue and try it for yourself. One small change really can make a world of difference.

Lara Amoroso
Founder, Bambooloo